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Light of Oneness
by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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| Introduction
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“... continues the exploration of how the lovers of God are using 'the light of oneness' to move beyond old patterns of domination and greed and bring about a fresh sense of human possibility in the global community.... offers great possibilities for healing and bringing balance to the tattered and shattered earth. Hats off to Vaughan-Lee for his visionary presentation of the role of mystical activists in these troubled times!”

—Spirituality and Practice


All is Unity, and Unity is Light.

Humanity is awakening to the consciousness of oneness,
the unity and interconnectedness of all of life.

Light of Oneness takes us into the mystical dimension of this work, to the real source of our global healing and transformation. It reveals that there are dimensions of light and darkness beyond our present understanding, how we can work with the energies of life in the inner and outer world, and how love is woven into the web of life. It explores the mystical relationship between consciousness and the energy of matter, how this energy can be awakened within the world. Light of Oneness also stresses the role of the feminine, how her natural understanding of life's wholeness and interrelatedness is pivotal to our evolution.

Light of Oneness offers an understanding of spiritual work that belongs to the future in which the knowledge of science and the wisdom of the mystic come together. It gives a global perspective to mystical activism that is vital if we are to help the world to awaken.


196 pages, paperback, ISBN 10: 1-890350-07-9, ISBN 13: 978-1-890350-07-9
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