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The Unknown She:
Eight Faces of an Emerging Consciousness

by Hilary Hart

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“... for serious students of mystical traditions and women's spirituality, this challenging book offers rewards not found in more conventional works.”

Publishers Weekly

... a profound exploration of what may become the most important development in the 21st Century: the return of the feminine voice in spiritual experience.”

—Tsultrim Allione, author,
Women of Wisdom


Is there a mystical consciousness particularly natural to women?
And if so, what role is it playing in the spiritual evolution of our world?

To answer these questions, Hilary Hart traveled across the world meeting with contemporary mystics from a variety of traditions including Lakota Sioux, Sufism, Buddhism, and West-African shamanism. The revelations of feminine wisdom offered from these encounters are not conceptual teachings, but vivid examples of lived spirituality expressed sometimes through simple ways of being, sometimes through profound mystical experiences.

Revolutionary and remarkably practical, The Unknown She offers a startling new look at women’s unique mystical orientation and its place in the evolution of our universal consciousness.

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“A wonderful book! Here, the deep feminine speaks beautifully with inspiration and wisdom so terribly needed in our times.”

—Jack Kornfield, author, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry
and founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“In this sensitive and beautifully crafted book, Hilary Hart has listened to the voice of a new, emergent, mystical consciousness in women and through her careful witnessing has offered it to us as a precious gift.”

—Anne Baring, author,
The Myth of the Goddess

“Reading The Unknown She it becomes obvious that in fact we all, men and women alike, actually know this “She”, if only we are truly honest, and how sweet she is!”

—Lee Lozowick

“The Unknown She is not only a rich and evocative exploration of specific women's journeys into Truth but a map into the essential quality of the numinous, which transcends gender distinctions. In the Unknown She you can find some of the most succinct and personal explanations of mystical experience.”

—Vicki Mackenzie, author,
Cave in the Snow
and Why Buddhism?

“The Unknown She
will touch women deeply, for these are stories of women whose lives reflect the ways in which love and mystical consciousness can nourish and heal life. Such stories are immensely valuable, for they stir and awaken us to a revolutionary vision of the role that women can play in the transformation of consciousness today and for the future.”

—Anne Scott, author, Serving Fire
and founder Dreamweather Foundation


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