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A Story Waiting to Pierce You Book Cover
A Story Waiting to Pierce You:
Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World

by Peter Kingsley
Foreword by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)
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“In this profoundly erudite and eloquent book is a startling
ancient secret that will forever alter the way we think about
the origins of western civilization.”


“Peter Kingsley is more than a master storyteller. He is a magician who reveals the golden thread of truth which makes its way through time and space, secretly holding the fabric of our world together. A Story Waiting to Pierce You reveals the surprisingly mystical origins, and purpose, of western culture as well as what it means to participate in its eternal unfolding right now.”



“This is a book of miracles—deceptively simple, actively profound. It is a core story of human becoming, the secret history that holds the codes to what we were and what we yet may be.”

— JEAN HOUSTON, author of A Mythic Life
and The Hero and the Goddess


“A blazingly alive work of scholarship and spiritual insight.”

— JACOB NEEDLEMAN, author of What is God?
and The Heart of Philosophy


A Story Waiting to Pierce You is, simply, piercing. Peter Kingsley is a master of adamantine prose and peerless scholarship. His work is truly worthy of that overworked term wisdom. And he is a master stylist: he turns you upside down and inside out without your knowing it is happening. This book will inspire, delight and enlighten many but will also challenge others because it is a mirror that reflects our most stubborn prejudices about the origins of our most sacrosanct cultural beliefs. And for that, Peter Kingsley deserves the highest praise.”

— LARRY DOSSEY, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine
and The Power of Premonitions


“This is a small book. You can read it in an hour. I suggest that you read it several times and really get the golden idea at its core. Then bring that idea to everything you do—every decision, every choice, every plan, every interpretation. Live by an entirely different guidance. Walk like you’ve never walked before.”

— THOMAS MOORE, author of Care of the Soul
and The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life


“This book, this amazing and empowering song, is a miraculous gift to the Mongolian people. In reading it I felt as if I was traveling through time to experience our source and listening once again to the songs of my ancestors.”

— ONO GANZORIG, Director, Mongol Environmental Conservation


“A work of great and courageous scholarship—a blockbuster to open the closed minds of those, East and West, who have chosen to ignore or denigrate the immense role played by shamanism in the spiritual and political origins of what we know today as Tibetan Buddhism. Peter Kingsley’s endnotes alone justify purchasing the book.”

— MICHAEL HARNER, author of The Way of the Shaman


“I have read A Story Waiting to Pierce You with tremendous fascination. It is a unique work—a captivating and enlightening book which I heartily recommend to anyone with an interest in Eurasian history.”

— VICTOR MAIR, author of Secrets of the Silk Road
and The Tarim Mummies


“By challenging some of our most fundamental perceptions of early European history, Peter Kingsley pushes out the horizon of the modern world and opens a new chapter in our appreciation of European–Asian relations. His innovative research into the spiritual and intellectual debt of ancient Greece to Inner Asia not only broadens our understanding of the past, but also helps us to understand better who we are today.”

— JACK WEATHERFORD, author of Genghis Khan and the
Making of the Modern World


“This book is a game changer and truly timely. It makes whole a species foolishly fractured by racial, religious, ethnic, nationalistic divisions. It calls us to wake from our sleepfulness so the arrow of truth can pierce us and we can learn again who our ancestors really are. It calls us all to our common unity and ecstasy and future.”

— MATTHEW FOX, author of Original Blessing
and The Hidden Spirituality of Men


192 pages, contains extensive notes
paperback: ISBN: 978-1-890350-21-5, $14.95 US, £11.95 UK
Europe: SFR 14.50 / EUR 12.00: Bestell-Nr. PB 03s