Contributions to Other Books

As well as having authored numerous books and articles, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee has also contributed to the following books:


Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole

by Susan Cain

Four years ago Susan Cain, the bestselling author of Quiet, came to the final talk Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee gave in California, and from this meeting she wrote a passage in her book about the sweet sorrow of longing, which for the Sufis is the loadstone of the divine love affair. In Bittersweet Susan explores different aspects of this often overlooked and yet fundamental human experience.

About the book: Susan Cain's bestselling phenomenon Quiet reveals the power of a bittersweet, melancholic outlook on life, and why our culture has been so blind to its value. She urged our society to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us, thereby revealing an untapped power hidden in plain sight. 

If you’ve ever wondered why you like sad music . . .
If you find comfort or inspiration in a rainy day . . .
If you react intensely to music, art, nature, and beauty . . .
Then you probably identify with the bittersweet state of mind.

In Bittersweet, she employs the same mix of research, storytelling, and memoir to explore why we experience sorrow and longing, and the surprising lessons these states of mind teach us about creativity, compassion, leadership, spirituality, mortality, and love.

"Susan Cain’s Bittersweet grabs you by the heart and doesn’t let go. I’ve thought about the depth and beauty in Cain’s research and storytelling every day since I finished the book. I will always be grateful for how much Quiet and Bittersweet have helped me understand myself and how I engage with the world."—Brené Brown, author, Atlas of the Heart

352 pages, hardcover and ebook
Published April 2022 by Crown Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0451499783
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The Liminal Loop: Twelve Tales of Transformation

edited by Timothy Carson, with chapter contributions from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and Justine Huxley.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee’s chapter explores how this present time of radical uncertainty belongs to a liminal landscape of essential change, while Justine offers “Seven Practices for a Liminal Age.”

About the book: Recent and current crises in health, ecology, society, and spirituality have lent the whole arena of liminality a new urgency and relevancy. Those who traverse the great transitions are rediscovering new ways of interpreting life through the liminal lens, a way to make sense of the great voluntary and unchosen transitions that characterize modern life.

This anthology provides a unique overview of liminality as it gathers a diverse coterie of authors, disciplines, and contexts to explore its many facets. From liminal poetry and musical traditions to the strange vertical world of the rock climber, The Liminal Loop explores the swirling chaos on the other side of critical thresholds and suggests a pathway through the daunting middle passages of the in-between. With what can only be described as courage, the many authors of this collection dare to look uncertainty in the eye, knowing that this is a necessary journey, and that it is better to travel with a common band of pilgrims than to go it alone. Distinct in its interdisciplinary approach, The Liminal Loop serves as an important source book for general readers, teachers, students, artists, counselors, spiritual guides, and social transformers.

215 pages, paperback and ebook
Published February 2022 by Lutterworth Press
ISBN: 9780718895839
US: Available from your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or
UK: available from the Lutterworth Press or

Journeys & Awakenings: Wisdom for Spiritual Travelers

edited by Robert Peretz Corman, Devon Shahana Beckett, Darakshan Farber and Thea Halima Levkovitz, trustees of Seven Pillars House of Wisdom

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed the chapter, "Spiritual Principles in Action: A Story for a Younger Generation."

About the book: Journeys & Awakenings is a curated collection of thoughtful stories by living luminaries including David Spangler, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Winona LaDuke, Jane Goodall, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Robin Becker, William Irwin Thompson, Nambaryn Enkhbayar, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Adam Bucko, Charles Eisensten, Satish Kumar, Sister Joan Kirby, and Yuval Ron, among others.

Are you striving to create a better, more compassionate world? This unique anthology is practical, creative, inspiring and hopeful. Its chapters span a wide swath of disciplines and cultures, including explorations of our connection to the universe and those in need, perceptions of beauty, ecology, children, life on the streets, sacred places, indigenous people, the arts, music and dance.

Each chapter asks questions about what it takes to be a caring, engaged, and effective human being in the world today.

290 pages, Paperback 
Sacred Spirit Books (an imprint of Monkfish Book Publishing)
ISBN-13: 978-1948796323
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Barnes & Noble

Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change

edited by Justine Afra Huxley

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed the chapter, "Spiritual Principles in Action: A Story for a Younger Generation."

About the book: This collection of interviews and stories focuses on how the younger generation are engaging with faith, spirituality and social action amid the challenges of our times (view book trailer).

Young people are doing faith differently. They are redefining community, ministry and ritual for a new era. In the face of planetary crisis, the next generation no longer see faith as a private matter, instead they are integrating it with activism and the need for systemic change. Influenced by the wealth of different teachings and traditions available around them, their identities are increasingly multifaceted and emphatically global. This collection of stories and interviews with young adults and their allies explores this new landscape, reflecting both the energy and inspiration of the next generation and the tremendous challenges they face. It points towards an exciting evolution in the way we are relating to the sacred.

With stories from: Adam Bucko, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Kara Moses, Abbas Zahedi, Camille Barton, Bruna Kadletz, Dekila Chungyalpa, Matt Youde, Amrita Bhohi, Sun Kaur, and many others. With supporting stories from senior leaders including: His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner, Bhai Sahib Dr Mohinder Singh, and more.

288 pages · Jessica Kingsley Publishers 
ISBN-13: 978-1785923050

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UK: Jessica Kingsley Publishers £16.99 
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The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World

by Fran Grace

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee wrote the Foreword, and his interview is in Chapter 2: Longing for Love

About the book: The Power of Love is an inspiring chronicle of life-changing encounters, personal transformation and a vision of love that transcends the everyday definition, to embrace universal kindness and compassion, based on the knowledge that all beings are one family and that our capacity to love is one of the world's most hidden yet powerful resources. The book is groundbreaking in its affirmation of love as a pathway for people of widely differing viewpoints.

Summary: Unable to integrate a powerful experience of Light at 15, Fran Grace joined a fundamentalist sect as a teenager and served the church until age 33, when an unexpected love affair unraveled her life and she left the church. Though her outer life continued normally and she enjoyed success as a professor, she suffered an existential vacuum. At 39, she encountered a spiritual teacher who opened her heart and revealed the innate beauty of life. His death many years later sent her on a journey to learn more about the power of love to transform and heal. She spent time with renowned spiritual leaders, scientists, activists, and artists—all selected with the help of her spiritual teacher who verified their capacity to transmit love. Each one helped her overcome obstacles on her path and showed humankind standing at a crossroads.

This book gives readers a direct encounter with pioneering teachers of love. From diverse faiths and fields of work, they reveal the power of love to be the next frontier of global consciousness, with many ways to uncover it and live it. The book takes readers on a journey into Buddhist and Hindu monasteries in India, an Indigenous Grandmothers' fire circle in the Black Hills, Mother Teresa's Homes for the Poor in Rome, Calcutta, and Tijuana, the laboratory of a Stanford physicist, the home of a Sufi sheikh, the largest meditation hall in N. America, and a college classroom in California. The author interviews teachers familiar with the stark Sinai desert, slave dungeons in Ghana, and near-death experiences. In the end, love is found to animate every moment of ordinary life.

Fran Grace's personal narrative is pulsed by her encounters with these teachers, each of whom has a chapter that includes a brief biography, excerpts from their dialogue with the author, and her sense of how the encounter helped her to overcome an obstacle to love.

690 pages, Paperback, Inner Pathway Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1732318502
Available from Inner Pathway Publishing or

Spiritual Transmission: 
Paradoxes and Dilemmas on the Spiritual Path

by Amir Freimann

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee's interview is in Chapter 3: Personal and Impersonal

About the book: The term "spiritual transmission" refers to the passing of the state of enlightenment from teacher to student, which takes place in many spiritual traditions. In itself, the transmission is synonymous with the experience of enlightenment. But the fact that the student's experience is rooted in a relationship with a human teacher who is perceived to possess absolute knowledge lends the experience much of its intrinsic, yet hidden, nature.

Following the breakup of his 21-year relationship with his own spiritual teacher, Amir Freimann launched a quest to discover the deeper realities of the student teacher relationship, logging over 1,000 hours of interviews with students and teachers. These interviews reveal the promises and perils of the guru-to-student relationship and explore hot-button topics such as the differences and similarities between therapists and gurus; the role of trust vs. rationality in the spiritual quest; and how money, power and sex are dealt with during the course of a student's training.

Spiritual Transmission includes never-before-published dialogues with many prominent spiritual teachers, plus a revelatory afterword by renowned integral theorist Ken Wilber. If you have ever been involved with a spiritual teacher or know someone who has, you need this book.

Interviewees in Spiritual Transmission include Peter (Hakim) Young, Andrew Cohen, Stephen Fulder, Christopher Titmuss, James Finley, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, Saniel Bonder, Mariana Caplan, Mooji, Lakshmi, Barry Magid, Claire Slemmer, James Swartz, Diane Hamilton, Bill Epperly, Aliya Haeri, Thomas Steininger, Peter Bampton, Carolyn Lee, Terry Patten, Steve Brett and Mary Adams.

240 pages, Paperback and Kindle, Monkfish Book Publishing
ISBN-10: 19396819525, ISBN-13: 978-1939681959
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Love: The Ultimate Answer to the Meaning of Life

edited by Nicolae Tanase

In this recently published anthology on Love, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed a chapter: Meaning and the Song of the Soul.  

About the book: The love molecule, the feast of love, the grand reunion, the song of the soul, the universal force of love, the experience of true love, heartbeats, breath, destiny, chocolates, pure unlimited love, the breath of life, the art of love and faith, eternal light, the gift of unconditional love, remembering the divine source, beloved, Rumi, whispers of the heart, soaring as a soul, the wisdom of the heart, pouring love...... that's what awaits you between the pages of this book. For Love alone is the Greatest Power.

231 pages, Paperback and Kindle
ISBN-10: 1983205095, ISBN-13: 978-1983205095 
Available from, or in the UK at

Grace in Living: Recognize It, Trust It, Abide in It

by Kathleen Dowling Singh

Kathleen Dowling Singh invites us to enter into an awakened relationship with our lives by exploring our own spiritual biography. Her thoughtful reflections and exercises guide us through the process, step-by-step, of recognizing the ever-presence of grace in our lives and learning to trust it and live from it.

This book also offers accounts from renowned teachers, including Rodney Smith, Cynthia Bourgeault, and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, as well as other long-time practitioners. These intimate first-person accounts offer rare glimpses into early spiritual yearnings, struggles, and realizations—and serve as encouragement and inspiration for us to rediscover our own.

296 pages, Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook
Publisher: Wisdom Publications (November 2016) 
ISBN-10: 161429285X ISBN-13: 978-1614292852
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Transformative Imagery: 
Cultivating the Imagination for Healing, Change and Growth

Edited by Leslie Davenport

Transformative Imagery includes imagery's contributions to the medical field, depth psychology, the arts, wisdom traditions, and as a vehicle for social change. This collection brings together twenty-four leading pioneers in the field to share guided imagery's theory, practice and history. It includes thirty imagery scripts that will enable professionals to tailor guided imagery to their individual practice.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee has contributed a chapter: "Imagination: A Bridge to the Soul." In it, he writes: "The symbolic world has always been with us, silently calling, inviting us into the dynamic inner dimension of the soul. This inner connection can be used to empower ourselves, heal our addictions, and bring a sacred dimension to our lives."

“We humans are endowed with an incredible capacity for health, healing, balance, and transformation: the gift of mental imagery. It is not possible for us to live without imagery; only computers and robots can do that. Transformative Imagery is accessible to both professionals and laypersons. It reveals how this universal ability can be enlisted in increasing anyone's level of joy, meaning, and fulfillment.”
—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

336 pages, Paperback and Kindle 
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub (April 2016) 
ISBN-10: 1849057427 ISBN-13: 978-1849057424
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Living Sufism in North America: 
Between Tradition and Transformation

by William Rory Dickson

In this book, William Rory Dickson explores Sufism as a developing tradition in North America, one that exists in diverse and beguiling forms. Sufism’s broad-minded traditions of philosophy, poetry, and spiritual practice infused Islamic civilization for centuries and drew the attention of interested Westerners. By the early twentieth century, Sufism was being practiced in North America. Today’s North American Sufism can appear either explicitly Islamic or seemingly devoid of Islamic religiosity. Dickson provides indispensable background on Sufism’s relation to Islamic orthodoxy and to Western esoteric traditions, and its historical development in North America. The book goes on to chart the directions that North American Sufism is currently taking, directions largely chosen by Sufi leaders. The views of ten North American Sufi leaders are explored in depth and their perspectives on Islam, authority, gender, and tradition are put in conversation with one another. A more detailed picture of North American Sufism emerges, challenging previous scholarly classifications of Sufi groups, and highlighting Sufism’s fluidity, diversity, and dynamism.

Living Sufism in North America is the first book of its kind to bridge the gap between Sufi studies and the study of North American contemporary religious movements. As such, it is a comprehensive, pioneering work of potential interest to a wide array of scholars in the field of contemporary religion.”
—Patrick Laude, author of Pathways to an Inner Islam: Massignon, Corbin, Guenon, and Schuon

William Rory Dickson is Instructor of Religion and Philosophy at South Dakota State University.

256 pages, Hardcover or Paperback
Publisher: SUNY Press (2015) 
ISBN-13: 978-1-4384-5758-1
SUNY's book page: Living Sufism in North America

How the Light Gets In:
An Interview with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

by Pat MacEnulty

At the age of 16, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee had a spiritual experience that propelled him on a lifelong spiritual path. For three years he delved into any spiritual teaching he could find. Then at the age of 19, he met an elderly Russian woman named Irina Tweedie. Irina Tweedie was a Sufi teacher in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi Order and later wrote the classic Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. He had found his teacher. 

When Vaughan-Lee was 36 years old, Irina Tweedie appointed him her successor. Soon after that he felt called to bring the teaching to the United States. Vaughan-Lee settled with his wife and two children in a community north of San Francisco and established The Golden Sufi Center. He continued to teach around the world. 

In November 2012, Pat MacEnulty sat down with him for a lengthy interview, in which Vaughan-Lee discusses the teacher-disciple relationship, his own spiritual practice, Jungian connections to Sufism, and his hopes and fears for the future.

Interviewer Pat MacEnulty is the author of four novels, including Sweet Fire, and a collection of short stories. She is also a teacher, workshop leader, writing coach, and freelance editor. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Approximately 34 pages (12,180 words)
Published by Prism Light Press (2014)
Available from (click link to purchase): Smashwords (accessible globally): $2.99 US as: epub | pdf | rtf | lrf | pdb | txt | html (US): $2.99 US, Kindle (UK): £1.97 Kindle

Global Chorus: 
365 Voices on the Future of the Planet

by Todd Maclean, Editor

Global Chorus is a remarkable, illustrated collection of 365 daily meditations around some very large and increasingly crucial themes:

Do you think that humanity can find a way past the current global environmental and social crises? Will we be able to create the conditions necessary for our own survival as well as that of other species on the planet? What would these conditions look like? In summary, then, and in the plainest of terms, do we have hope, and can we do it?

The contributors include writers, environmentalists, spiritual leaders, politicians, professors, doctors, athletes, business people, farmers, chefs, yogis, painters, architects, musicians, TV personalities, humanitarians, children, concerned students and senior citizens, carpenters, factory workers, activists, CEOs, scientists essentially people who have something passionate and insightful to say about humanity's place on Earth. Well-known people on the list include environmentalists such as David Suzuki, Paul Hawken and Jane Goodall; scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Edward O. Wilson; personalities such as Jamie Oliver, Maya Angelou, Les Stroud and Bruce Cockburn; humanitarians such as Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu; political figures such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May; writers like Temple Grandin, Farley Mowat and John Ralston Saul; and spiritual leaders like His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and Lama Surya Das. The vast majority of the contributions contained within Global Chorus are completely original, with some coming from public speeches or previously published sources.

And all contributors to this fundraising book have generously and graciously donated their time and efforts, as proceeds from the sales of Global Chorus will be distributed to a select group of organizations helping to recover, protect and sustain life on Earth.

432 pages, Paperback and Kindle 
Publisher: RMB | Rocky Mountain Books (2014) 
ISBN-10: 1771600330 ISBN-13: 978-1771600330
Available from Rocky Mountain Books
Also available from
Website: Global Chorus

Your True Nature: 
The Wisdom of Living Masters

by Natalie Deane and Damien Lafont

When French scientist Damien Lafont and Australian publisher Natalie Deane met by "chance", a serendipitous story began. Their deep curiosity for life, spirit and consciousness soon bloomed into a two-year epic adventure of meeting and interviewing spiritual masters and teachers from all over the globe. Armed with life’s big questions Damien and Natalie’s worldwide journey spanned USA, India, Europe and Australia; meeting masters and gaining an accelerated course in spirituality and deep wisdom.

From indigenous elders, to quantum physicists, gurus and philosophers—each master shared their wisdom and enlightened the pages with love, lessons and the keys to living a truly awakened life. Your True Nature is a timeless book dedicated to unveiling ignorance and beaconing a new way forward for humanity. The Masters all share One important message—the vital need to awaken to the wisdom of “who-we-really-are” and live the Oneness of our true heritage. There is only Now.

Foreword: "What is Wisdom" by Lama Surya Das
The Masters: Mark Nepo, Mooji, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Bob Randall, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Gangaji, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Kenneth Little Hawk, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, Dr Amit Goswami, Chuck Hillig, Chungliang Al Huang, Dennis Genpo Merzel, Shantimayi, Lama Surya Das, James Redfield & Barbara Marx Hubbard

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee gave an interview for this anthology: "The Wine of Love."

310 pages, Paperback and Kindle
Publisher: Barker Deane Publishing, Australia (2014)
ISBN-10: 1939681235 ISBN-13: 978-1939681232
Available from Amazon.

Sacred Seed: A Collection of Essays

by Global Peace Initiative of Women, Editor
with Introduction by Vandana Shiva

"A Best Spiritual Book of the Year" 
—Spirituality & Practice

"... More than an essay collection, this is a call for worldwide action." 
—Publishers Weekly

Essential to survival, seeds have profound spiritual implications. For centuries the planting of seed in the earth not only nourished humanity, but also symbolized the mystery of life and the journey of the soul. In our current supermarket lifestyle of pre-packaged products, far removed from the cycles of planting, we have nearly forgotten this mystery. Now as the integrity of the seed is threatened, so is its primal meaning.

Inspired by physicist and environmental leader Dr. Vandana Shiva, each essay draws on the wisdom of ancient and modern traditions. Mystics, shamans, monastics and priests remind us of the profound sacredness of the seedhow in its purity, it is the source and renewal of all of life.

Tenderly composed of original writings and vibrant photos, this book bears witness that the Earth is alive, and establishes that only by working together with the Earthwith its wonder and mysterycan we help in its healing and regeneration and once again bring meaning back into the world.

Edited and compiled by the Global Peace Initiative of Women, the book includes contributions from His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, H. H. the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Sister Joan Chittister, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, Swami Veda Bharati, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Chief Tamale Bwoya, Blu Greenberg & others.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed a chapter, "Seeds and the Story of the Soul," to this anthology.

144 Pages, Paperback, PDF, and other Ebook Formats
Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center (2014) 
ISBN-13: 13: 978-1890350-63-5
Available from The Golden Sufi Center

How Do You Pray?: 
Inspiring Responses from Religious Leaders, Spiritual Guides, Healers, Activists and Other Lovers of Humanity

by Celeste Yacoboni, Editor
Forward by Mirabai Starr

As we evolve, so do our prayers; as our prayers evolve, so do we. This is the evolution of illumination, the collective voice of the soul of the world.

How Do You Pray? was born from a vision in which Celeste Yacoboni was told to ask the world, "How Do You Pray?" She reached out to leading spiritual, shamanic, scientific teachers, guides, and activists and asked for their response. Culled from those responses is an original and deeply personal collection of essays. Talking intimately and candidly about how they pray, these personalities encourage the reader to contemplate the intention of prayer in their own life.

This collection speaks to the reader's heart and asks: What is your soul's expression? How do you dance in ecstasy, bare your soul to the divine? Bow in gratitude? Merge with nature? Cry out for guidance? How do you pray?

This groundbreaking and moving book gathers responses from leaders of diverse spiritual and religious traditions ranging from Buddhism to Islam to Christianity, as well as those who do not claim one or any particular walk of faith. Contributors include: Brother David Steindl-Rast, Matthew Fox, James O'Dea, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Tessa Bielecki, Lama Surya Das, Hank Wesselman, Father Bede Griffiths, Byron Katie, Joan Halifax, Normandi Ellis, Andrew Harvey, Dan Millman, Kristena Prater, Nicki Scully, Mirabai Starr, and more.

88 pages, Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle
Publisher: Monkfish Book Publishing (2014) 
ISBN-10: 1939681235 ISBN-13: 978-1939681232
Available from
Website: How Do You Pray?

Body of Wisdom: 
Women's Spiritual Power and How it Serves

by Hilary Hart

"Students of mysticism and women seeking a more
embodied spiritual practice will likely treasure it."

–Publishers Weekly

“This book is an act of peacemaking, 
a healing tincture for repairing the world.” 

–Mirabai Starr

In Body of Wisdom, Hilary Hart identifies nine hidden powers alive in women’s bodies and instincts, waiting to be used in contemporary challenges such as the creation of community, healing of the earth, and the restoration of life’s spiritual nature. Based on interviews with the world’s most visionary spiritual teachers and women’s dreams and experiences, Body of Wisdom ushers in a new spirituality in which the body and the shared body of the earth are known as a seat of mystical power and women take responsibility for spiritual work that only they can do. With: Dorothy Atalla, Elizabeth Frediani, Sandra Ingerman, Larry Merculieff, Sobonfu Somé, Guan-Cheng Sun, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, and Pamela Wilson.

311 pages, Paperback and Kindle
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing (2013) 
ISBN-10: 1780996969 ISBN-13: 978-1780996967
Available from

The Song of the Earth: 
A Synthesis of the Scientific and Spiritual Worldviews

by Maddy Harland & Will Keepin, Editors

Song of the Earth brings together the voices of leading visionaries in science, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, innovative community, and social activism to paint a powerful portrait of new possibilities for the human family.

People across the globe yearn for a new civilization of harmony and vibrant cooperation among all peoples—living in balance with the Earth. This vision is not a dreamy fantasy; it is the birthright of humanity. Song of the Earth helps us to make this vision a reality. This book was published in June 2012, just in time for the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development in Rio de Janiero.

Song of the Earth is the last in a series of four volumes commissioned by Gaia Education and published by Permanent Publications in the U.K. The other three volumes address state-of-the-art ecological, economic, and social innovation for sustainable living in the 21st century, and they are also available from Permanent Publications.

Editors: Maddy Harland, co-founder of Permaculture Magazine and winner of the Queen's Award in the UK for her pioneering sustainability work, and William Keepin, environmental scientist and co-founder of Gender Reconciliation International and Satyana Institute.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed a chapter, "Spiritual Responsibility at a Time of Global Crisis," to this anthology.

256 pages, Paperback & Ebook
Publisher: Permanent Publications (2012)
ISBN-13: 978-1856230957
Available as a free PDF ebook from Satyana Institute
Print copies available for £14.95 from

2013! The Beginning is Here

by James Young, Editor

This anthology offers wide-ranging views by various global experts about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, as well as related prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth's structure. The purpose of this collection is to broaden your perspective about such issues and concerns, so you can discern for yourself what your commitment to planetary life will be—and then to demonstrate your commitment into being, beginning this very instant.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed chapter 3: "A Prophecy and a Prayer."

206 pages, Paperback & Kindle
Publisher: Axis Mundi Books (2011)
ISBN-10: 1846945658, ISBN-13: 978-1846945656
Available from

The Mystery of 2012: 
Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities

by Sounds True

Are we coming to the end of a cosmic cycle? Will there be an age of awakening, or even an end to the world we know? For the first time, the leading authorities on the 2012 phenomenon are all given voice in a single book: The Mystery of 2012. From the prophecies of the Mayan astronomers to modern predictions about social, ecological, and spiritual changes to our world, this comprehensive anthology offers you a chance to examine the mystery from every angle—and to decide for yourself whether 2012 will end with a whimper or a bang. Whether you’re a skeptic, a true believer, or simply “2012 curious,” here is a thought-provoking exploration of this approaching landmark in human history.

The book includes essays by scholars, scientists, philosophers, and cutting-edge thinkers, including: José Argüelles, PhD; Jean Houston, PhD; Barbara Marx Hubbard; Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, PhD; Joanna R. Macy, PhD; Corinne McLaughlin; James O’Dea; Christine Page, MD; and others.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed the chapter, "An Awakening World."

496 pages, Paperback, Ebook, & Audiobook
Publisher: Sounds True (2009)
ISBN-10 1-59179-674-1 ISBN-13 978-1-59179-674-9
Available from Sounds True or

The Experience of Meditation: 
Experts Introduce the Major Traditions

by Jonathan Shear, Editor

A fulfilled life and happiness is more than physical comfort or buying new things. It involves awareness and development of our inner being and consciousness. The major meditation traditions of the world, each in their own way, aim at the creation of an inner peace and happiness which provides a solid foundation for action and compassion in the world. This book describes the techniques and experience of the major meditation traditions impacting the West in the words of highly respected practioners of each tradition. Taken together, they constitute a solid overview of meditation and how the major traditions are similar or different from one another.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed a chapter, "Sufism: The Sufi Meditation of the Heart."

350 pages, Paperback, 
Publisher: Paragon House (2006) 
ISBN-13: 978-1557788573
Available from

Do You Need a Guru?

by Mariana Caplan

Mariana Caplan responds to the challenge of spiritual authority by suggesting the principle and practice of a conscious disciplineship model that places the power and responsibility back into the hands and hearts of the spiritual student.

304 pages, Paperback, 
Publisher: Thorsons (2002) 
ISBN-13: 978-0007118656
Available from

Sufism, Islam & Jungian Psychology

by J. Marvin Spiegelman, Editor

A unique study of Sufism, the ultimate mystical doctrine at the very heart of Islam, analyzed within a Jungian context. With contributions by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, who was the Head of the Sufi Order in the West, and other internationally famous teachers, therapists, and scholars, including Atum O'Kane, Irina Tweedie, and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee contributed chapter 9: "Dreamwork Within A Sufi Tradition."

176 pages, Paperback
Publisher: New Falcon Publications (1991) 
ISBN-10: 1561840157, ISBN-13: 978-1561840151
Available from or Alibris