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The Taste of Hidden Things Book Cover
The Taste of Hidden Things: Images on the Sufi Path
by Sara Sviri

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“What makes The Taste of Hidden Things unique among contemporary books on Sufism is the way Sara Sviri brings together her solid academic scholarship in the field and her profound personal experience on the Sufi path to provide a vivid, intelligible, and heart-felt description of Sufism.”

—Alireza Nurbakhsh,
editor, Sufi magazine

“ ... Sufi symbolism seems to carry the deepest psychological truths and is presented here in a style which is eminently readable.”

—Molly Tuby, Jungian Analyst (IAAP),
former editor of Harvest Journal

“A remarkable introduction to the core of Sufism.... The Taste of Hidden Things provides glimpses of the luminous, transcendental mysteries which lie beyond the possibilities of rational understanding.”

—Michaela Mihriban Özelsel,
author, Forty Days

“Sara Sviri draws on the Sufi tradition, especially the precepts of the Naqshbandi order.... Her insights and informal meditations, which build on the teachings narrated by Irina Tweedie, form an attractive example of applying Sufi psychology to the contemporary situation.”

—Carl W. Ernst, Professor of Islamic Studies
at the University of North Carolina


In The Taste of Hidden Things Sara Sviri weaves a tapestry in which Sufi motifs and images are highlighted: the perfume of Attar's and Rumi's poetry, the boldness of Ibn al-Arabi's mystical speculation, the ecstatic experiences and dreams of old and modern seekers, and the richness of the Naqshbandi masters, past and present. A special place is given to al-Hakim at-Tirmidhi, a ninth century mystic from Central Asia. Many passages from his work, including his wife’s teaching dreams, are published here for the first time in English.

This book is based on Dr. Sviri's understanding of the Sufi tradition. This understanding has grown through her exposure to original Sufi texts, her interest in depth psychology and dreams, and her practical work along the lines and teaching of the Naqshbandi tradition.


220 pages, paperback, ISBN 10: 0-9634574-8-9, ISBN 13: 978-0-9634574-8-6
$12.95 US, £9.95 UK, SFR 17.-- / Eur 14.--, *Bestell-Nr. SB 01