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Spiritual Power: How It Works
by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Table of Contents


1. Sources of Power

2. The Power of the Real

3. The Light of the Soul

4. The Magic of Life

5. The Energy of Awakening

6. The Foundations of Life

7. The Language of Love

8. Love and Laughter



Introduction: Spiritual Power

When you make the two one and
When you make the inner as the outer and the above
As below, and when
You make the male and the female into a single one
Then you shall enter the kingdom.
— The Gospel of St. Thomas (1)

There was a time when every grove and stream was sacred, meaning and wisdom were found in the cycles of the moon and the germination of the plants. The divine was seen as present in everything from the fire on the hearth to the stars in the heavens. The earth was marked by lines of power, called “lay lines” in the West, “dragon lines” in the East. Where certain lines intersected, temples and circles of standing stones were built. These were places of power where spiritual energy was most concentrated and accessible. The power at these sites and their temples not only helped people in their relationship to the divine, but also aided the flow of spiritual energy into the whole of life. Through these places of power, nature was nourished, the crops grew, and the people benefitted both inwardly and outwardly, in their souls and in their daily lives.

The rise of monotheism with its image of a transcendent God banished the divine to heaven, and mankind was left alone on earth. The lines of power in the earth were forgotten, and although churches were often built on the ancient sacred sites, the esoteric knowledge of bringing their spiritual energy into life was lost. An all-embracing relationship to the divine was replaced by the knowledge of physical science. Crops became nourished by fertilizers and pesticides rather than ritual and prayer. The crops grew taller, but a spiritual nourishment faded from daily life.

Meanwhile religious life focused on our relationship with a transcendent God. The spires of the churches and the domes of the mosques raised our vision to heaven. And the message that was taught was often of personal salvation, looking forward to a heavenly life after death. Magic, the use of energy from the unseen, was banned by the church. Miracles belonged only to the hand of the one God or His saints, and those with healing power often had to work in secret. And these isolated acts of spiritual power worked primarily only at the level of the individual. The knowledge of what spiritual power is and how it can work as a system with the whole of life has been forgotten, except in some shamanic traditions.

Each age has its own knowledge. The matriarchal age understood the magic of the earth and the rhythms of life. The patriarchal era has given us the understanding and the limitations of science. In the coming era we will see something we have never seen before—the inner and outer will work together; the visible and unseen worlds will combine their energy and wisdom giving us the power and knowledge we need for the next era of our evolution. Part of this shift towards wholeness will be to take the spiritual out of the personal and transcendent arena and return it to all of creation. This will mean a reawakening of the knowledge of how spiritual power works in the world.

Our physical world needs to be purified and healed. Our systems of power are corrupt and do not serve the whole. We cannot move into the next era unless we embrace and live from a larger dimension of the spiritual. The way that spiritual energy works in the inner and outer worlds is an exact science. Although it has been hidden for many centuries, this work has continued, practiced by certain spiritual masters and their helpers. They have held this wisdom for humanity, looked after the places of power and the flow of energy from the inner to the outer.

Shifts are currently taking place in the flow of this energy. Places of power that have been dormant are soon to be activated. If we are to participate in these changes for the benefit of the whole, we need the knowledge of how the energy works. We need to have an understanding not only about the places of power but also how their hidden potential can be utilized. This esoteric knowledge belongs to our heritage and to the need of the moment. It has a potency that is part of the awakening of the world.

At each time of transition there are those who will gladly step into the unknown, into the future that is being born. And there are those who will resist any change. It is for each of us to respond from the place within where we are free, where conditioning and fear does not grip us. Through our response we can make a real contribution to the changes that are taking place. This work with the energy of life is no longer for the select few, but for any who dare lift their face to the dawn. The price is that we leave behind our focus on personal well-being, both material and spiritual. The needs of the whole must be our primary concern. There is important work to be done at the place where the inner and outer meet, where the worlds come together. This work will determine the patterns of life in the coming era.

The unseen worlds have many secrets to share with us, but we must be able to receive them. We must be open to dimensions beyond our present understanding and allow these inner worlds to communicate with us. A bridge is being built between the worlds. This is not a rainbow bridge of bright colors and spiritual fantasy. It is built from the basic substance of this world combined with qualities of the inner worlds. The work on this bridge is almost finished. When it is complete, the inner and outer will be connected in a manner that will last far into the future. This bridge is being built in the midst of life, accessible from within our normal, everyday existence—it does not need esoteric knowledge to access it. Its connection between the worlds will enable humanity as a whole to be nourished directly from the inner in a new way—not dependent upon priests, shamans, or oracles, but accessible to the whole of humanity.

For each of us this bridge is our own individual connection to the inner world of the soul. Some can already see it in dreams, in painting or music. Others will sense it in a quality of joy returning to life, an ease of access to a depth of meaning in the ordinary. Through this connection magic will happen, the simple magic in which life comes alive and the unexpected happens. At this time knowledge will also be given, the knowledge of how the worlds work together, how inner and outer are bonded and interrelate. Many different forms of knowledge will come into the world, such as how light can be used to heal and transform, and how dreams work; some of the hidden qualities of matter will become known.

This bridge has been carefully made to withstand the aggression of disbelief and the power dynamics of control. Like the internet, this bridge belongs to the whole of humanity and no one group or individual will be able to control it. It is guarded by angels whose light belongs to God. It has been made by the masters of love and the forces behind creation. This bridge is a part of our heritage that has been recreated to serve the coming age. And it is a gift. There is no price to pay. Humanity has suffered enough.

This is not a dream; it belongs to the future that we are being given. It is made of the substance of life and the hopes of humanity. It is grounded in the ordinary and yet is full of the magic of each moment and the destiny of humankind. We are being asked to live it, to reconnect with what is highest, simplest, and most wonderful. It is for us to make it fully real.

This book belongs to the work of the future, the knowledge that is needed for our evolution. It is part of a tapestry that is being revealed in which certain colors and patterns are being shown for the first time. It cannot be understood solely on the level of the mind because the mind does not yet have the images or understanding that belongs to the future. There are as yet not many concepts for what is being given, no familiar frame of reference. But if there is a resonance with this knowledge, then connections are created, certain links between the inner and outer are formed, and a quality of understanding can be established. There is a new way to work with the patterns of life and the energy of the inner worlds. These chapters are a page in the book of the esoteric wisdom of the future.


Notes from the Introduction:

(1) The Gospel According to Thomas 22:10, trans. A. Guillaumont, H.-Ch. Puech, G. Quispel, W. Till, and Yassah ‘Abd Al Masih.