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NEW: For the Sake of Our Beloved, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, recorded at Mercy Center, Burlingame, California, June 2017

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NEW: For the Sake of Our Beloved
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA
June 2017

This talk explores the simple but essential truth: that the mystical journey which takes us deep within the heart is always for the sake of the Beloved, never for our sake. In this present time, when so much is distorted, it is vital that we remember this in our practice.

Talk: 52 minutes
Questions & Discussion:
49 minutes

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Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, the Naqshbandi Path The Naqshbandi Path, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

In the first DVD Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee outlines the spiritual journey on the Naqshbandi Path as an unveiling of the chambers of the heart, from the awakening of longing to the annihilation in Absolute Truth. The second talk introduces the work of the awliyâ, the masters of love who help in the spiritual evolution of the world. The second DVD is an interview in which he talks in depth about the awliyâ and their presence in the world, as well as the ways of love and the turning of the heart.

Please note: the first DVD talks were given at the 2008 Sufi Conference, and are also available online.

dvd 1:

1. Chambers of the Heart, 54 min
2. Closing Talk 2008 Sufi Conference, 43 min

dvd 2:

Interview on the Naqshbandi Path and the Awliyâ, 50 min

2 DVDs • 2.5 hours • NTSC • Region Free
US: $19.95, UK: £15

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A Conversation About Oneness SPECIAL OFFER: A Conversation About Oneness

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Recorded in July, 2006

Sitting around the kitchen table, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is interviewed by his son, Emmanuel, on the topic of Global Oneness. Emmanuel asks important questions, such as:

  • What is the present state of this work of global awakening?
  • Can humanity collectively awaken on its own?
  • How can one use one's individual spiritual awakening to help the world?
  • How can we return an awareness of the divine to the center of everyday life?
  • What is our individual responsibility to the well-being of the world?

This conversation explores these questions, drawing us all into this work of oneness.

View clips (open in YouTube):
The Need of the Time
Awakening the World
The Grace of God
Teachings of the Feminine and the World Soul

Single DVD • 1 hour • NTSC • Region Free
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We Are All One DVD/Tape Cover

We Are All One: Full Interview from One the Movie

An Interview With Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee was interviewed in Fall, 2002 as part of an independent film project titled, "We Are All One" by Circle of Bliss Productions. The project, an exploration of spirituality in the new millennium, began in 2002. The filmmakers have interviewed over 100 people across the world. Asking the same 30 questions to all interviewees, from spiritual teachers to atheists to the homeless, they seek to produce a feature length movie which will introduce and promote messages of mutual respect, understanding, love....and oneness.

Single DVD • 51 minutes • NTSC • Region Free
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The Naqshbandi Path, Irina Tweedie The Naqshbandi Path, Irina Tweedie

In the first section Irina Tweedie describes the Beliefs and Ethics of the Naqshbandi Path, beginning with “We believe in the Oneness of Being.” The second part comprises a selection of films of Sufi meetings at her London home in May 1991. We are given a unique glimpse into her presence, her way of weaving teachings and stories, bringing alive her saying, “Sufis teach simple things.”

  1. Beliefs and Ethics of the Naqshbandi Path, 29 min
  2. Group Meeting: Once and Forever, 25 min
  3. Group Meeting: Mystics Teach Simple Things, 17 min
  4. Group Meeting: Pointers on the Path, 12 min
  5. Group Meeting: Humility, 15 min

1 DVD • almost 2 hours • NTSC • Region Free

US: $14, UK: £12

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Branded by God Branded by God: Interviews with Irina Tweedie

In these rare video interviews Irina Tweedie speaks about the Naqshbandi path and its principles. She describes how she met her teacher in India; and she addresses many questions that concern every sincere seeker on the path:

  • What are the most important qualities needed on the spiritual path?
  • Is the training the same for men and women, and are they treated differently?
  • What is the meaning of solitude in the crowd?
  • What is the meaning of non-attachment?
  • What is surrender, and to whom or to what?
  • What does it mean to die before you die?
  • What is poverty of the heart?
  • What does it mean to lead a guided life?

Four interviews available as a two dvd set
dvd 1: 1. Tested with Fire and Spirit
2. Branded by God
dvd 2: 3. Chased with Sorrow & Drowned in Tears
4. Without a Face, Without a Name

2 DVDs • 3 hours • NTSC • Region Free

US: $19.95, UK: £15


Irina Tweedie

Additional DVDs with Irina Tweedie

Thinking Allowed has produced a DVD of two interview programs with Irina Tweedie, which is available for purchase through their website. They have posted a clip from the first DVD which is available to watch here: Irina Tweedie: Spiritual Training (6 minute excerpt)

  • SPIRITUAL TRAINING Irina Tweedie (#S058)
    Mrs. Irina Tweedie is the author of Daughter of Fire, a diary of her intensive spiritual training in India with a Hindu Sufi master. In this moving and personal interview, the 80-year-old Mrs. Tweedie, who is now a Sufi teacher in London, describes the bliss, peace and love--and the despair, hatred and loneliness--of her years of training in the Sufi tradition.
  • THE SUFI PATH Irina Tweedie (#S057)
    The Sufis are inheritors of a tradition which has influenced many world religions. Their work, which involves dreams, altered states of consciousness and teaching stories, is to further the evolution of humanity by offering deep intuitive training to select individuals. Mrs. Irina Tweedie is a Sufi teacher and author of Daughter of Fire, a diary of her intensive spiritual training in India with a Sufi master.

Available from Thinking Allowed, both programs together on one DVD, $34.95. Click here for ordering information.